Monday, 8 December 2008

Welcome 2008-9 Students to the PPS Blog

Yes - welcome!

I run this blog to help PPS students understand how what they study throughout the course relates to recent research, mainly in structural biology but also in bioinformatics and some other related subjects. I plan to update it every few weeks (or more frequently if there is enough to say) between the end of the Autumn term and the end of the course, with reports of lectures, conferences and new papers in the areas covered by the PPS course, and link these to the course material and the wider scientific literature. Some other lecturers at Birkbeck may also occasionally add posts.

The first blog post linked to the 2008-9 course will appear before the end of this week, and will describe crystal structures of enzymes presented at one of the talks in our weekly seminar programme here at Birkbeck. In the mean time, do scroll down and look at some of last year's posts, although you won't be able to follow the links to the course material there.

You will be encouraged to comment on blog posts and, if you wish, to make your own - you will all be added as authors in the New Year. Anyone who can view the blog should be able to comment, but only authors can make posts.

Enjoy the blog - and let us know what you think of it!

Clare Sansom

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